Porsche Design Adds A New Portable Exhaust-Inspired Bluetooth Speaker To Their Portfolio

Following the “Sound Bar” that looks like a GT3 muffler, this is their second exhaust-inspired audio device.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche Design Adds A New Portable Exhaust-Inspired Bluetooth Speaker To Their Portfolio

Last year Porsche Design launched their 911 series Soundbar which garnered a lot of attention for them. The design of the bar was meant to evoke your favorite section of a Porsche; the exhaust. That piece was large and powerful, but required constant power, and was intended primarily to be tethered to your home Audio/Visual system. This new speaker, however, is powered by an internal rechargeable battery which can provide up to 24 hours of continual portable audio playback. The twin audio drivers are held inside a pair of gloss black 911 GT3 exhaust tips. 

While this speaker is technically "portable" as deemed by Porsche, the setup still weighs a pretty solid seven pounds, and costs about 500 euros, making this less of a "take to the beach" speaker and more of a "around the house" speaker. This speaker seems like it would be perfect for your home office, and facilitates you carrying your tunes with you to the kitchen when you cook up mid-day snack. At least, that's what I would do with it. 

This speaker will play audio wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.0 and apt-X technology built in. If you're looking for a nice Porsche-inspired home audio system that isn't quite up to audiophile standards, this might be the one for you. Check out more information on the product page of Porsche Design's website and watch the video below.  

Here's what Porsche Design says about this new speaker: 

"Distinctive Design, breathtaking performance, and the sound of the racetrack at home. The new 911 speaker was manufactured of the glossy black twin exhaust module of a Porsche 911 GT3. It offers 60-watt system performance, Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technology for wireless audio streaming and up to 24 hours of crystal-clear sound."