Pfaff Porsche Classic Hosted A Fab Gathering Of Like-Minded Enthusiasts

When the weather is warm, the Canadian Porsche contingent can really turn up

byBradley Brownell|
Pfaff Porsche Classic Hosted A Fab Gathering Of Like-Minded Enthusiasts

Being on the west coast of the US has its perks, including a huge percentage of Porsche enthusiasts and cars residing within a few hours drive of my house. When you think about Porsche-friendly locales, your mind doesn't always jump to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but being that Pfaff Porsche is based there, it turns out that's not a bad place to be. Especially considering Pfaff Porsche just opened their Porsche Classic Center, now is as good a time as any to restore an old Porsche in Canada's most populous city. 

When Pfaff hosted the grand opening ceremonies for their Classic Center, we were still skeptical of a large turnout, but they delivered and then some. Dozens of aircooled and early watercooled Porsche enthusiasts drove to the dealer for the show and shine event. The weather was gorgeous, the timing was right, and it's hard to have a bad time when you're surrounded by other Porsche fanatics. Now, perhaps they don't get as many sunny days in a year up in Toronto as we do out west, but it would seem that they make a habit of using those good days to their fullest. 

It was pretty neat of Jacob to give us such a thorough walk-through of the Porsche-packed parking lot. Because of that we were allowed the opportunity to ogle these beautiful cars from all the way across the continent. Which of these cars is your favorite, which would you most like to take home to your own garage? Personally, we're awfully smitten with the yellow-on-yellow 964 Speedster that Pfaff has in the showroom. There is just something about a car with color-matched wheels that we have to love

If you wanted another look at this wild event, here is a second video that Pfaff themselves filmed for us to enjoy. What a cool event this looks to have been.