Can A Modified Porsche 964 Compete With A Real Carrera RS?

Can a consumer-built modded car compete directly with the best Porsche had to offer at the time?

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Jun 26, 2017 5:51 PM
Can A Modified Porsche 964 Compete With A Real Carrera RS?

A pair of modified 964 Carreras, a C4, and a C2, compete for top honors with a factory-built RS, but which comes out on top? Porsche's Carrera RS has always been the top of the 964 heap, with an agility and free-revving nature that you just can't find in a standard Carrera. Since the car's introduction over 20 years ago, however, the aftermarket has allowed consumers to prepare their own 964s into as-near-as-possible RennSport clones. Even with those modifications, can a track-prepared Carrera compete with the real McCoy? The answer might be closer to "yes" than you might think, but still not quite a definitive affirmation. 

The Carrera 4 is described as being a bit of a pleasant surprise, being that it's been lightened up a bit, but still slightly heavier than a C2 or certainly the RS. Because it has a bit more heft, the car feels like it has a bit more sure-footedness, making it a bit less manic and a bit easier to drive. The brakes appear to have not been upgraded, and that marks a significant departure from the RS-specifications. It retains a bit of the compliance and soft-sprung nature of its original build, belying its road-car origins. 

The Carrera 2 tested here is a bit closer in spec to the RS, though it has not yet dumped its power steering rack for a proper unassisted rack as in the RS. Based on the discussions of this video, it would seem that a lightweight flywheel and a louder exhaust (through deletion of mufflers) have helped create a more RS-like driving experience. When you're looking for a motorsport-inspired experience, a more rev-happy engine and a more raucous exhaust tone are all you really need. Several more modifications have been carried out on this car, but noise has a placebo effect on perception of speed.  

"I don't think there's much in it between this and a Genuine RS as far as performance and weight. The difference is really negligible."

Success? You be the judge.