The Best of Luftgekühlt 4, in One Beautiful Video

This split-screen vision of the now-iconic Porsche show is the best way to watch.

byBradley Brownell|
The Best of Luftgekühlt 4, in One Beautiful Video

Now in its fourth year, Luftgekühlt has become one of the most hyped single-make car shows out there. They don't just restrict their show to Porsches, either. That would be too simple. This show is specifically for air-cooled Porsches. That'd be 356s, 914s, 911s, and 912s built from 1948 through 1998. If you're looking for a special variety of air-cooled Porsche, however, it's likely to be there. There is a wide variety of road cars, race cars, and factory-built specials to make everyone excited. Each year this show continues to grow. I attended last year and it was massive; this year was allegedly much larger still. 

If you want to get a feel for just how massive this show was, check out this new video from Donut Media. It's a gorgeous video journal of the cars, their owners, and various attendees of this great show. The opening of the video with a wide variety of Porsche hood crests just goes to show how diverse these cars can be. Variations on a theme. The crest stays the same basic shape, but it changes color, it changes some font, it changes in material of manufacture. Heck, some of them are decals. 

The various 911s of the show are similar in breadth. Yes, they're all basically built from the same bones, but the subtle changes (or not so subtle in some cases) are what make them so awesome to look at, to discern and differentiate. Using the two-frame format for this video helps to make that distinction possible. It's a great new canvas for an old art form. 

We were already a little bummed about having to miss Luft this year, being that last year's show was so awesome. After seeing this video, we're even more downtrodden about having to miss it.