Watch a Wanted Man on an Excavator Lead World’s Slowest Police Chase

He couldn’t dig his way out of this one, unfortunately.

byPeter Holderith|
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Washington County Sheriff’s Office

A man in Oregon's Washington County was arrested yesterday after allegedly leading police on a half-mile chase in an excavator. Yes, it was a very slow chase. Police claim the thief had several warrants for his arrest and was wanted for previously stealing a car. When confronted at a property north of Banks, Oregon, he evaded them at walking pace in the aforementioned heavy machinery. Eventually, the chase came to a stop and police were able to apprehend him.

A video of the slow-motion chase was posted to the Washington County Sheriff's Office Twitter account. The silliness of this police chase was also covered by Fox 9. In the clip, several armed officers can be seen stepping behind the excavator at a casual pace. An image of the aftermath was also posted by police, which can be seen above.

An excavator isn't a common escape vehicle by any means, although we've previously seen motorized luggage and a Kei truck make similar runs from the law. The motorized luggage actually seems faster than this massive machine, although sometimes you just have to play the hand you're dealt.

Police say the man was arrested for "Clackamas County delivery of meth, Columbia County elude, and a State Parole board violation." He was also arrested for "attempting to elude police," in reference to his escapade in the Caterpillar. The Washington Country Sherriff's Office website states he is currently in custody with an unspecified release date.

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