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Someone Turned Assetto Corsa Into a Cel-Shaded Anime Wonderland

Styled to look like Auto Modellista, this unreleased graphics mod hints at a future game release.
Play it Cool Youtube

Assetto Corsa is the definitive driving simulator of the last decade. It might be getting a little old, but it has endured like no other title ever has, even surpassing games that came out after it as the king of the PC-based driving simulator community. Anything you can dream of is probably an Assetto Corsa mod, including Angeles Crest Highway, the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas map, or even this mod that reskins AC into a cel-shaded Auto Modellista-inspired anime wonderland.

The mod is posted by a YouTube channel called Play it Cool as a preview to the mod, with no release date set. According to the video description, the mod took some light development to work seamlessly with the game and needs to be redone to be compatible with the latest release of a graphics shader mod called Pure. The creator says once the issue is fixed, it will be released as a shader for AC, but stresses that the mod is only a representation of a new racing game that they are developing separately that isn’t based on AC.

The secret to its longevity has been its friendliness to mods and huge community support. There have been thousands of mods made for the game since its debut in 2014, and the modding community is still incredibly active. AC has been practically re-engineered by the community, with most folks running the game through a paid third-party mod called Content Manager that replaces AC’s native user interface with a more moddable, faster, and easier one. 

And Auto Modellista was a somewhat obscure racing game from the PlayStation 2-era of gaming that was once forgotten. Now, it stands as a beacon of cel-shaded art styles in the same vein as Jet Set Radio. Either way, this shader is cool and I hope the creator releases it so us nerds can live out our cel-shaded dreams.

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