Ohio Drag Strip’s High School Category Gives Teens a Safe Place to Race

Local kids from the Class of 2023 can bring their daily drivers to race on an NHRA drag strip.

byNico DeMattia|
Ohio Drag Strip’s High School Category Gives Teens a Safe Place to Race

Located on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio, Edgewater Sports Park is doing its part to keep teenagers from hooning on the streets. Edgewater knows that teens will be teens and will want to explore the limits of their cars' performance the moment they get their licenses. So to let high schoolers get their speed fix in a safe environment, Edgewater is welcoming the 2023 high school class for a drag racing event.

The drag race is limited to 2023-class high school students only and they can bring almost any car they'd like to the race. I can only imagine it will feature everything from modded Honda Civics to their dad's Subaru Forester. The car featured in Edgewater's advertisement is a seemingly bone-stock Chevy Impala. However, that's the beauty of the event. Teenagers can bring whatever they normally drive to school and have some legal high-speed fun.

There are a few rules to keep things safe, though. Cars can't be faster than 11.60 seconds through the quarter-mile. Anything faster than 13.99 seconds requires drivers to wear a Snell 2015 or newer helmet, and they can only have DOT street-legal tires. Cars cannot have a delay box, air shift, throttle stop, trans brake, two-step, or nitrous oxide, and all cars will need a car number and time on their rear windows. Teens also can't race their cars in any other events, even if they're fast enough to do so.

As a teenager with a shiny new driver's license, I certainly engaged in some, uh, not-so-legal activities. That's why this high school drag race is such a good idea. It allows teens to explore the adrenaline rush they crave in a safe environment, and it keeps them (and us) safer on the streets.

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