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K24-Swapped Ferrari 308 Blows Engine Heroically While Racing

While competing at Global Time Attack Finals and improving rapidly, Mike Burroughs’ turbo K24-swapped Ferrari 308 died a hero’s death.
Stanceworks Youtube

There’s something about a subversive car build that truly gets the creative juices flowing. There are cars that have huge aftermarket support for any goal you have in mind, and lots of folks who don’t have the budget or resources to go fully custom would be smart to choose those cars. But then there are folks like Mike Burroughs of Stanceworks who have a shop, serious skills, and the highly specific ambition to compete in Global Time Attack with a K24-swapped Ferrari 308.

2023 is apparently the year of the absurd Ferrari 308 build. While we covered an “Outlaw” Ferrari 308 earlier this year, Burroughs’ 308 takes a completely different approach. Rather than being a ratty but cool restoration of a forlorn 308, Burroughs took a relatively decent but unloved 1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi and turned it into a fire-breathing Honda K24-swapped time attack car. 

Yes, the K-series swap has become the new LS-swap, but not without good reason. The original Ferrari V8 that Burroughs removed weighed 800 lbs fully dressed. The 4Piston Racing built K24 is much lighter, even with a massive 1000-horsepower capable turbocharger. That’s all to say Burroughs took this beast across the world and competed in World Time Attack in Australia, then shipped the car back to the U.S. for Global Time Attack Finals at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. That’s where the car met a slightly unfortunate end to its racing season.

It took 2.5 years to fully build, and nothing was left untouched. Custom radiator ducting, exhaust work, and interior work showcase the craftsmanship of the build, while the aerodynamics were handled by Southern California parts maker RSFuture. The suspension is fully custom and totally devoid of bushings. Send Cut Send helped Burroughs make most of the parts that he couldn’t do in his personal shop, and despite his relative inexperience with welding TIG, the car came out beautifully. 

Burroughs drove well, improving every session until the engine gave up the ghost. For reference, the benchmark fast lap time at Buttonwillow is going under two minutes. Burroughs got as low as a 1:56 lap, with plenty more to find. Luckily, engines are replaceable, and the car will be back. For now, a well-deserved rest for the car.

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