Watch This Cummins Diesel-Powered Ford Bronco Barrel Through the Snow

The video also features a twin-turbocharged Cummins Ford F-250.

Brian Bormes/Youtube

Occasionally, you stumble upon a gem in the depths of YouTube—and this truck is definitely a gem. Originally a 1979 Ford Bronco, this “Fummins” (it stands for "Ford Cummins") has taken on a whole new life. Using a P-pumped 12 valve Cummins engines, ¾ ton axles and 37-inch tires, this Bronco is essentially unstoppable in the snow.

In the short video below, we also meet a twin-turbocharged Cummins Ford F-250 and an old Jeep Comanche. From what we can tell, the Bronco is cranking out serious power to all four wheels, making snow traversing look easy. Then we look over at the 1970s Ford F-250 with a twin-turbocharged Cummins under the hood and we can’t help but giggle. The sound of the turbos spooling and engine hitting the limiter echoes through the trees as we ogle over each custom build.

Unfortunately, the snow appears to be pretty heavy, so the vehicles occasionally need help from the Comanche Crawler...but we'll let it slide. They're just too cool.