Watch the New Ford F-150 Raptor Crush the Old Version in a Drag Race

The new EcoBoost V6-powered Raptor might not make the belligerent noise of the old V8 model, but it sure is quick. 

The Fast Lane Truck/YouTube

The continuous pattern of automakers downsizing their engines has now affected the most brutish of trucks—the Ford F-150 Raptor—but that doesn't mean it's any less tough on the street than it was with its old gas-chugging V8. 

2017 F-150 Raptor proves there is a replacement for displacement

In a video uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, the guys at "The Fast Lane Truck" pit the new and the old Raptors against each other for a couple of drag race runs. If you need a reminder, Ford swapped out the old V8 for a new turbocharged 450-horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine; the new truck is also around 500 pounds lighter than the previous model. 

And boy, is the new Raptor's weight loss obvious.

In both of the drag runs shown in the video, the new Raptor takes off in front of the old one with shocking speed. 

Though as you may have noticed in the short rev clip mashup earlier in the video, the new Raptor does have some trouble pumping out an aggressive sound. But it makes up for that shortcoming in pure launch speed.