Saudi Prince Apparently Bought Plane Tickets for 80 Falcons

Anything is possible when you have nearly infinite income.

byMax Goldberg|
Saudi Prince Apparently Bought Plane Tickets for 80 Falcons


In the land of the rich, one can come across some pretty ridiculous sights—and 80 falcons perched in coach class of an airliner definitely meets most people's criteria for ridiculous. In this photo captured by an unidentified airline pilot and posted on reddit, you can see around 80 falcons perched in the center rows of a large airliner overlooked by understandably anxious flight attendants.

According to the pilot, a Saudi prince purchased a large number of tickets for his majestic birds so they could travel with the other passengers. We do not have information as to why the prince opted to transport the birds in the cabin rather than the cargo bay (or, let's not lie, on his own private jet), but we at The Drive can guess it has something to do with having a ridiculous amount of expendable income and only so many ways to spend it in a single lifetime.

If I had that kind of money, I would replace the falcons with puppies and have the most glorious in-flight puppy party. I would also buy every ticket in the plane but one and make sure that last seat was sold to an old man who gets pissed off when people are on his lawn. Eventually, the puppies would warm the old man’s cold heart, and teach him the value of love, decency, and compassion. And then I'd sell the movie rights for the story to Disney, and have the money to do the whole thing all over again.