Joyriding Thief Drives Hatchback Into Dublin Canal

Drive it like you stole it, ditch like you … also stole it?

byMax Goldberg|
Joyriding Thief Drives Hatchback Into Dublin Canal


When a car dealer tells you to “drive it like you stole it” when you're on a test drive, we're pretty sure they're not envisioning something like the video below. The recording appears to be shot by someone in an apartment above the action, and it steadily follows a stolen white hatchback driving erratically around an intersection in the North Wall Quay area of Dublin, Ireland.

Although the thief is driving under the cloak of night, there are several cars and pedestrians around the wannabe Hoonigan. The first half of the video consists of the driver gunning the little hatchback and pulling the handbrake in the middle of the road. (We can only guess he watched The Italian Job or the Bourne movies a few too many times and is poorly attempting to replicate a few action scenes.)

Eventually, the thief decides to ditch the car and sets his sights on the Dublin Canal. Cutting across a traffic triangle and performing a duck-and-roll, the thief allows the unoccupied car to roll into the canal. Unless he really, really doesn't care about his own car, it seems the jerk stole the hatchback simply for joyriding purposes, not to see the car to a chop-shop. We do not know the state of the thief during the incident in question but his actions hint that he may have not been firing on all cylinders.

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