The Ford Shelby FP350S Mustang Is the Blue Oval’s Newest Factory-Built Race Car

Ready out of the box for pretty much any American road race you throw at it.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Dec 9, 2016 8:56 PM
The Ford Shelby FP350S Mustang Is the Blue Oval’s Newest Factory-Built Race Car

Ford's new race-ready Shelby Mustang race car, the FP350S, is ready to be delivered to American road-racers.

The FP350S—unveiled Thursday at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis—was engineered to be legal for competing in Trans-Am, SCCA, and NASA club racing events. The car comes from the factory completely ready for hopping out on any race track of choice to run a competitive hot lap. The car comes specced to race in Trans-Am's TA3 and TA4 classes and T1 and T2 in NASA and SCCA club races.

The FP350S packs a 5.2-liter V8 engine, built by Ford Performance Parts, and a Tremec manual transmission. The car also has a race exhaust, track suspension bits, high-performance brakes, 19-inch wheels (there are also optional 18-inch wheels), an adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing, a Ford Performance front splitter, a MOTEC data recording unit, and all the on-track safety equipment you need to keep you in one piece when things get a little hairy.


Though it does come straight from the manufacturer, the FP350S is not street legal. This is of course how it goes for most race cars...except, you know, the cool rally car ones.

But even though the FP350S isn't a rally car—or at least wasn't intended to be used as one (wink, wink)— it's still a damn good looking track-ready Mustang. That massive front splitter is quite a bit bigger and more race-y than what's seen on the road-going GT350Rs, and that rear wing definitely yells, "I am a race car" a whole lot more clearly than the top-level Mustang road car's spoiler.

Plus, there's just something really neat about factory-built customer race cars.


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