Mopar Brings Modern Power to Classic Cars and Hellcat Sales Are Up: The Evening Rush

Plus, an 85-inch 4K TV by LeEco.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Nov 2, 2016 9:47 PM
Mopar Brings Modern Power to Classic Cars and Hellcat Sales Are Up: The Evening Rush

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If you were looking to drop a 392 Hemi into your old Challenger, you might be in luck. Mopar is now selling new crate engine Hemi kits for the 392 and 345 V8s. The kit allows owners to install a Hemi into a Mopar car from 1975 or earlier with relative ease. The kit includes a power distribution center, powertrain control module, engine and chassis wiring harnesses, accelerator pedal, and much more.

According to reports, Volvo plans to have all S90 production take place in Daqing, China, rather than the car's current production location in Sweden. This is being planned with the goal of hitting a total vehicle production number of 800,000 Volvos a year by 2020.

Although muscle car sales may be slumping this year, Hellcat sales appear to rise. According to, Hellcat sales are up 67 percent for the 2016 model year, with 11,995 2016 Hellcats sold. It is unclear as to why the Hellcat seems to defy the general muscle car trends, but I have a sneaky feeling it has something to do with the unjustifiable desire to have a car with 707 horsepower.


Security cameras are becoming more and more popular in the common home, but few are as sophisticated as the Netatmo. Able to differentiate between a dog, a loiterer, or a car in the driveway, Netatmo will notify the user when desired. In addition, Netatmo can illuminate the area of coverage and covertly record someone using infrared light.

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in a movie or TV show? Well, there is no better way to immerse yourself into a scene than with an 85-inch 4K TV with Harman Kardon sound. For $4,999, you can have your very own home theater with the LeEco uMax85 Ecotv.



No one likes to go out and buy socks, but it is a necessary task we all have to deal with. Rather than paying full price for your winter socks, head on over to Steep & Cheap and pick up a few pairs of Smartwool.

Although enamelware is mostly used in camping settings, that doesn't mean you can’t use it around your home. Best Made Co. has done a fantastic job of producing hearty enamelware that can accompany you in any situation. In this case, we're digging the company's 16oz tumblers

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