Save 30% Storewide on Velomacchi Bike Gear From Now Until Black Friday

Velomacchi's excellent motorcycle bags, backpacks, and more are all 30% right now. Go get you some.

Velomacchi 35L Giro Backpack
Jonathon Klein

I will sing my Velomacchi 35L Giro backpack's praises to literally anyone who will listen to me drone on about a motorcycle backpack that does it all. In fact, it has now survived motorcycle falls, hundreds of airport baggage carousels, and countless road trips where little care or concern was paid to its health and safety. And yet, after years of Jonathon "Destroyer of Things" Klein abuse, it doesn't look any different from the day I pulled it out of the package it arrived in. I can fully see it being a forever backpack, which is something I never thought was possible.

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But now is not the time for me to hoard such kit; now is the season of giving. And Velomacchi is giving quite a bit by slashing the company's entire lineup's price tags by 30 percent.

All you have to do is drop one of its products in the cart and input the code HLDY2130 at checkout and boom, you've got yourself what I consider the best backpacks around. And shipping is free.

Here's what you can score:

"My" 35L Giro Backpack is now $104.30

28L Speedway Backpack is now $188.70

40L Speedway Backpack is now $209.30

50L Speedway Hybrid Duffle Backpack is now $195.30

Tan/Black Speedway Gloves are now $104.30

Speedway Tool Roll is now $52.50

Impact Laptop Sleeves are now $49.42

Impact Storage Case is now $27.30

Speedway Tool/Medic Pouches are now $18.14

Accessory Tie Down Straps are now $27.30