‘Camrys in Predicaments’ Facebook Group Is a Chronicle of Death for Toyota’s Iconic Sedan

Toyota probably had different thoughts behind the "Let's go places" slogan, but this works too.

There’s a Facebook group for everything, and this proves it in the most oddly hilarious way possible. Camrys in Predicaments is a group whose members share photos, videos, and memes featuring everyone’s favorite bulletproof beigemobile getting tortured, wrecked, occasionally modified, and generally abused. The best part is that there doesn’t appear to be a lot of trolling involved and the whole thing is just one big happy Camry-loving family—the community seems to genuinely love both the Camry as a car and seeing it in mild-to-moderate distress.

With fewer than 3,000 members as of today, the group is small but active. Who knew that Camry owners are cut from such adventurous cloth? There are Camrys overturned inside garages, several minor fender-benders, and one that, well, see for yourself (language warning):

As fun as all of that is, the group is not without its controversies, though they’re small in comparison to everyone’s real-life problems. Members occasionally post cars that are very obviously not Camrys, which draws what appears to be the only negative comments from the crowd. 

It’s a big enough issue that the group’s admins have created special “Not a Camry” tags for the posts, though most people seem to enjoy the content anyway. No matter how you enjoy the group, it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex. Take this page, for instance, which was made by a guy who turned his late 1990s Camry into a ute, dubbed the “El Camryno.” 

Some of you are already thinking this, so I’ll say the quiet part out loud: Owning a Camry can be a predicament on its own. Not in the “my car breaks down a lot” sense, but in the unexciting “I drive a refrigerator” sense. 

Until recently, owning a Camry wasn’t necessarily an exciting experience, but at least they’re reliable enough not to leave their owners stranded. 

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