Watch an Oblivious Truck Driver Dump Cement on Cars as It Drives Down the Road

Our worst nightmare.

byChris Chin| UPDATED Nov 14, 2019 9:24 AM
Watch an Oblivious Truck Driver Dump Cement on Cars as It Drives Down the Road

Imagine driving through town in your new whip and suddenly a concrete truck takes a dump on you. A driver from San Antonio, Texas experienced exactly that and caught it all on video after getting stuck behind a semi-truck dumping wet cement all over the roadway, splashing other vehicles along the way, according to KSAT.

The unidentified woman sent the video to the local San Antonio news affiliate, which aired the video on Tuesday, showing the concrete mixer pouring its contents as it attempts to make a left turn at a junction. The victim said that cement sprayed all over the front bumper and driver’s side of her new car as she pursued the truck to capture it red-handed.

“I pulled into the turning lane behind him and began filming him so I had some sort of evidence as I could not fully process that this was actually happening,” the woman told reporters.

The incident unfolded at the intersection of Culebra Road and Rogers Road on Wednesday, at approximately 5:50 p.m. The truck, which belongs to River City Ready Mix out of La Crosse, Wisconsin, reportedly continued pouring cement on the road as it kept going. Other motorists apparently attempted to signal the driver to stop, but whoever was behind the wheel remained totally oblivious.

The victim who caught the whole ordeal on video filed a report with local authorities, who later told her that it took crews around six hours to clean up the mess. It's not clear just how long the truck drove while dumping concrete, but it looks to have been quite a few miles. Although the woman called 911, the police did not specify if it ever caught up with the offending dump truck.

As troubling as it was, things could have been worse.