VW Will Reveal a Redesigned, EV-Friendly Logo at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

The company wants you to forget Dieselgate, and it will go to great lengths to do it.

byChris Teague| PUBLISHED Aug 23, 2019 12:32 PM
VW Will Reveal a Redesigned, EV-Friendly Logo at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Volkswagen wants you to forget its problems of the recent past by launching multiple electric vehicles, kick-starting a new chain of EV chargers, and rebranding itself with a new logo. Allegedly, the new VW roundel will be a throwback to the brand’s post-war classics while keeping the company’s all-electric future in mind.

The Wolfsburg-based company will use the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in its home country as the platform to unveil the new logo, but it has already been spotted on prototype test cars on public roads. The new VW emblem is expected to be flatter than the current image and will drop the blue accents that have graced it for several years now.


The last time Vee-Dub made a change to its logo was in 2000, when a chunkier, more three-dimensional aesthetic was much more in-style at the time. The brand’s vehicles had a softer look then as well, sporting more curves and rounded surfaces than the sharp lines and contrasting shapes we see today. Since then there has also been the, um, "problem" of Dieselgate that company executives want to put behind them. A new logo presents an opportunity for VW to rebrand itself as a cleaner, friendlier automaker.

As Autoweek correctly notes, most people outside of enthusiast circles and journalists probably won’t care too much about the new logo that VW sticks on the backs of its vehicles. A more noticeable shift will take place with the changeover of all the dealer signs and marketing materials that up until now have sported the old blue emblem.

The new design is much closer to the one VW used on its vehicles in the post-war period, with the most notable difference being the thicker outer ring. The company has already started using the new version in its “Hello Light” ad campaign that shows off the I.D. Buzz concept and lays out VW’s vision of its electrified future, where the logo will likely be illuminated.