Live Lavishly and Buy This 850-HP, Convertible Mercedes-AMG G500 4×4²

Owned by pro skier and supercar collector Jon Olsson, this brute features a safari-style droptop and heavily tuned biturbo V8.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Aug 13, 2019 6:41 PM
Live Lavishly and Buy This 850-HP, Convertible Mercedes-AMG G500 4×4²

Professional athletes may not always have the greatest taste in cars, but one thing's for sure—their rides are (almost) always big, fast, or both. Whether it's an ultra-expensive Bugatti Veyron or a lifted Ford Super Duty pickup, the celebrities of American and international sports have a knack for standing out from the rest. This can certainly be said for big-time freeskier Jon Olsson, who's now selling his mountainous Mercedes-AMG G500 4×4² that's been tuned to 850 twin-turbocharged horsepower.

The list of custom work on Olsson's AMG-tweaked behemoth is exhausting, but some modifications are more significant than others. You probably noticed that it's now a convertible, which wasn't an option for the G500 4×4² from the factory, and it boasts a custom white paint job to match the celebrity's personal clothing brand. A bespoke, quilted interior makes sure that all passengers ride in complete comfort, and a one-off fabric roof was designed to keep them protected from the elements which this Merc is more than capable of handling.

Underneath all this opulence, you'll find an even more impressive platform than what left the factory in Affalterbach. Upsized all-terrain tires help the truck to sit up higher than its already-impressive stock stance, along with providing traction in mud, gravel, and, in Olsson's case, snow. The 4.0-liter biturbo V8 has been massaged to produce more than double its original horsepower output, increasing from 416 ponies to an almighty 850. A custom exhaust allows the tuned engine to breathe easy, all while emitting a throaty grunt.

As expected, the price of Olsson's G-Class is out of range for us 99-percenters. The G500 4×4² goes for a tick over $500,000 originally and, with all the aftermarket equipment fitted to this beast, it's listed by Supergarage in Marbella, Spain for an undisclosed amount. As they say, if you have to ask...

The last time Olsson thought of unloading his AMG, he was asking $797,000. That's quite a bit more than his half-million-dollar Audi RS6 that was tragically torched by unwieldy criminals, and we can almost guarantee that the price of this machine hasn't gone down.