It’s HammerZeit! The Drive and Blipshift Commemorate the Genesis of German Super Saloons

Die Deutschen have gone mad.

byNikhil Dhanani|
It’s HammerZeit! The Drive and Blipshift Commemorate the Genesis of German Super Saloons

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the mad scientists behind Mercedes-AMG. They’ve given us the demonic CLK63, the SLS AMG, and the family-hauler from hell: the E63S Wagon. There’s one AMG, however, that still sends chills down our spine. It doesn’t get more sinister than “The Hammer.” Name another car that can only be read in Vincent Price’s voice? We’ll wait.

The concept was simple. Take a standard W124 (1985-1996) E-Class and attach the largest V8 you can fit in it, and then murder it out. Ok, there’s definitely a lot more to it than just that, but you get the point. With a combination of its engine, widebody, subtle (back when subtle was a thing) AMG badging, and a name that made M5 owners cry, The Hammer is a German legend. “When there’s a Hammer in the house, nothing else matters,” says Chris Harris.

Check our take with Chris Harris on the AMG Hammer Coupe below:

With top speed hovering around 180 miles per hour, the Hammer is what you bought if you wanted to hang with the Countachs and Testarossas of the world, but still wanted the practicality of a sedan, wagon, or even a four-seater coupe. There was nothing else like this at the time. One can argue that the modern German super-sedans and wagons we know of today wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Hammer.

When you’re describing the AMG Hammer, it’s hard not to agree with MC Hammer himself, because it’s true. You can’t touch this. Be sure to check out our Hammer-Inspired collaboration with Blipshift, because remember, it’s always #HammerZeit somewhere in the world! Click to shop.


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