Confirmed: Mercedes-Benz Will Debut Electric Minivan at Frankfurt Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz told The Drive that its EQV Concept from the Geneva Motor Show is the vehicle’s “precursor.”

byJames Gilboy|
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Mercedes-Benz has confirmed to The Drive that the conceptual electric minivan it revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show is the forerunner of a production vehicle that will be unveiled later this year.

"The Concept EQV is the precursor to a newly developed vehicle generation. A series production version of a fully-electric MPV [or minivan] is under development," a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson told The Drive. "Its world premiere is being planned for this year's Frankfurt Auto Show."

Mercedes-Benz EQV Concept

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Mercedes-Benz intends for the EQV Concept to serve as a preview for not only the vehicle's design but also its technical specifications. It stated that the concept vehicle will be capable of 249 miles' range on the NEDC protocol, which the spokesperson confirmed to be the same as that expected for the production vehicle.

The EQV Concept charges via a CCS port, which is compatible with some of the world's most expansive charging networks, like Europe's Ionity, or North America's ChargePoint and Electrify America. Mercedes-Benz alleges that fast-charging can take the EQV Concept (and presumably its production successor) from 10 to 80 percent charge within an hour, or add about 62 miles' range in 15 minutes. Wattage necessary for this rate of charge has not been disclosed.

Unlike competitors such as Volkswagen, which plans to make all its EVs rear- or all-wheel-drive for superior driving dynamics, Mercedes-Benz will adhere to the design philosophy of its close partner Nissan, whose electric Leaf hatchback has stayed front-wheel-drive. Like the Leaf, the EQV is front-wheel-drive to concentrate all the cargo and load space into one area for maximum utility, as opposed to vehicles such as Tesla's Model S and Model 3 sedans which have extra "frunk" storage up front, but rear-axle electric motors that slightly compromise trunk space.

"Operating range and functionality/spaciousness are important parameters for an electric MPV," the spokesperson continued. "To meet both customer requirements in an unrestricted way, we have made optimum use of the available installation space. Accommodating the batteries in the underfloor area and using an electric motor at the front axle provides the best balance between functionality and range while ensuring good driving characteristics."

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