Tesla to Pay $5.4 Million to Customers Over Autopilot Features Delay

Those who bought in on the Enhanced Autopilot package were left emptyhanded months after Tesla’s initially planned rollout date.

byElizabeth Puckett|
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Tesla is reportedly making a healthy $5.4 million payout to a group of customers who experienced excessive wait times for promised Autopilot safety tech features. 

According to The Telegraph, customers who paid the extra $5,000 for the Enhanced Autopilot technology package were left waiting months longer than anticipated. It was originally announced by Tesla in October of 2016 and rollout was promised for December, but when the features weren't equipped to customer cars in September of the next year, buyers complained of the wait. As compensation, each customer that paid for the suite of features will be getting between $25 and $280, based on when they bought their Tesla. 

The automaker has followed through, albeit after the initial deadline, and it now offers the package as expected. It's an add-on to the California company's Autopilot system that includes automatic lane changing, parking, and assisted steering features. 

Tesla fans also faced delays with the recent Autopilot V9 upgrade which was intended to feature the brand's Navigation functionality. This bonus technology was created to help Teslas assess their surroundings and make lane changes as well as notion towards exits when following a pre-determined route. Navigation has since been delivered, coming later in October after Autopilot V9 was released near the beginning of the month.

Regardless of the rollout woes, customers who opt for the luxury-minded Model S will still own what The Drive's Editor-at-Large Alex Roy calls the "best electric vehicle on the market today." As for Model 3 owners, well, they're okay too.