Indian Couple Receives Gallon of Gasoline as a Wedding Gift

The rising price of fuel has made it a giftable commodity in the populous nation.

In India, where the rising price of gasoline has made national news, people are starting to consider fuel as a valuable commodity, so much so that friends of a newly married couple gave them a gallon of gasoline as a wedding gift to save the pair a chunk of cash. 

A video clip that has been making the rounds on the internet shows the couple being greeted by their friends at a wedding hall in Cuddalore, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Instead of opting to gift something from the expected range of presents that usually includes gold jewelry, expensive crockery, and so on, they chose to give five liters, or about 1.32 gallons, in fuel to the newlyweds. 

The rising price of gasoline has a become a major concern in the populous nation. It currently retails at about Rs 85.15 ($1.19) per liter, roughly equating to $4.50 per gallon, in Tamil Nadu, which is amongst the highest in the country. For comparison, the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States is just $2.66.

When asked about this unusual gift, the groom’s friends stated that considering the current scenario, fuel was an apt wedding gift. One of the friends said: “It was a move to make the government aware. We hope that the government will take some measure in this regard”. Interestingly enough, more similar incidents are being reported in Tamil Nadu.

The irony of it all is that while weddings may be considered unions of two souls, it seems that purchasing gasoline is one of the quickest ways to divorce your money.