Tesla Will Begin Orders for Performance and Dual-Motor Model 3 Next Week, says Musk

The wait will soon be over for customers looking for a more feature-rich Model 3.

byRob Stumpf|

If you've been holding out on buying a Tesla Model 3 until the performance variant comes out, you're in luck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk spilled the beans ever so nonchalantly while replying to a Tweet, indicating that the electric automobile manufacturer will begin taking orders starting next week.

Since launch, perspective Model 3 owners have been restricted to a single configuration; rear-wheel drive with a long-range battery pack. It was known that the coveted all-wheel-drive and performance models would make their way to launch sometime this year, however, the timeline all but fell off the map amongst various delays and other production issues. Now, rather abruptly, customers will be permitted to begin ordering with more than just one set of options.

Musk wrote that the company will begin churning out the cars as early as July, but also noted that configuration options will be limited, much like the Model 3 at its initial launch. Certain options, like air suspension, will not be available until around 2019. It was also mentioned that any ordered vehicles will take at least six months before being delivered to customers.

Unfortunately, no specifications on the all-wheel drive and performance versions of the Model 3 have been made available as of yet. Pricing is also still an unknown factor, but it's relevant to note that a top-of-the-line Model 3 can cost as much as $59,500 and all-wheel drive was a $5,000 option for the Model S. No word if Tesla plans to replace the rear-wheel drive only Model 3 with the all-wheel drive platform, as it did with the Model S.

Tesla has been working nonstop to meet its production targets for the Model 3, something which it has been clawing at since production began in 2017. Reservation holders will certainly be ecstatic that they can begin configuring the newest options when it's their turn to build a Model 3, but no word yet if those who have already configured their car-to-be can change their orders prior to having their car built. We'll know more late next week when the official announcement is made.