The BMW M2 Competition’s Specs Have Allegedly Leaked

In material reportedly removed from BMW’s websites, performance benchmarks for the company’s compact sport coupe were announced.

byJames Gilboy|
The BMW M2 Competition’s Specs Have Allegedly Leaked


Often likened to the cars that reinforced BMW's already stellar reputation, such as the E30 3-series, the M2 is already as close to an instant classic as cars get. As satisfying as the M2 is, BMW left some performance on the table while designing the car, and reports say that a further distilled M2 variant is on the way. Some call it the M2 CS, but a more recent snippet of information refers to it as the M2 Competition.

One Bimmerpost user shared pictures of the car, presumed to be renderings, which were allegedly attained from BMW's Australia arm and a Slovenian blog. 

Initial whisperings of the M2 Competition described it as a limited production variant, with only 1,000 planned to roll off assembly lines. Claims described the car as more powerful, with 405 horsepower, from a reigned-in version of the engine in the M4. Other upgrades were said to include an aluminum roof, exclusive seats, bigger brakes, refined suspension, and lighter wheels.

The reportedly leaked information supports both the claims of slimmed wheels and horsepower, with 302 kilowatts (405 horsepower) appearing in the advertising materials alongside a torque figure: 550 newton-meters (406 pound-feet) of torque. With 7,600 rpm of rev distance to reportedly play with, and escalated power, standstill to sixty is claimed to occur in 4.2 seconds, 0.1 seconds slower than the time of which the M2 is capable.

Blame it on the extra power, maybe? We have no doubt that if the M2 Competition is as real as these reports (and trademark documents) suggest that it will be a sharper tool still than the already well-honed M2.

The Drive reached out to BMW regarding these alleged performance figures, and confirmation of the car's existence, but no comment has yet been issued.