Dirt Bike Returned 17 Years After It Was Stolen

What kind of dirtbags gank a bike from an 11-year-old?

byShari Gab| PUBLISHED Mar 22, 2018 1:16 PM
Dirt Bike Returned 17 Years After It Was Stolen

California man Kamron Golbaf got a joyous surprise this week when the California Highway Patrol reached out to alert him that they have found his 1998 Honda CR 80 dirt bike that was reported stolen 17 years ago. The bike was ripped off back in 2001 when Golbaf was just 11 years old. 

According to a story from The Press Enterprise, California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer Mike Lassig said that the motorcycle has been purchased via a Craigslist ad. And in an completely unshocking turn of events for a Craigslist interaction, when the new buyer went to register the bike at the DMW, they could not locate the bike’s records and handed the information over to the California Highway Patrol's Temecula station accordingly to investigate. 

“What’s truly amazing is the fact that Kamron was 11 years old when he notified law enforcement that his Honda had been stolen from his garage,” Officer Mike Lassig said.

“I was devastated,” Golbaf told Patch of the time that bike was stolen. “It was a big a deal when it was taken. For the longest time I thought my dad got rid of it because I started to do some stupid, unsafe stuff on it.”

Following inspection, the officer was able to determine is was the very bike that had been stolen in December 2001 in Riverside. The very one from the incident that crushed a little boy’s heart nearly two decades ago. The investigation into the original theft, however, is still ongoing. 

But all in all, Golbaf has been reunited with the faithful steed of his boyhood—even if it is a bit on the small side for him now.