Red Bull Heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya Wanted by Interpol for Fatal Hit-and-Run

Interpol has issued a Red Notice for the apprehension of the man named “Boss.”

byJustin Hughes| PUBLISHED Aug 29, 2017 3:46 PM
Red Bull Heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya Wanted by Interpol for Fatal Hit-and-Run

Earlier this year we reported on the fatal hit-and-run of a Thai police officer allegedly committed by Vorayuth Yoovidhya, heir to the Red Bull brand and family fortune. Yoovidhya has remained one step ahead of the law for the past five years. But The Washington Post reports a new kink in his plans. Interpol has issued a Red Notice on Yoovidhya, request all police departments in Interpol's 190 member countries to arrest and detain him pending extradition proceedings.

Yoovidhya reportedly stands accused of colliding with Sgt. Maj. Wichean Glanprasert's motorcycle early in the morning on September 12, 2012. Police followed leaking fluids to Yoovidhya's home in Bangkok, Thailand, and found them to be dripping from his Ferrari. Yoovidhya has admitted to being involved in the crash, but not taken responsibility for it. He claims Glanprasert cut him off so closely that he could not avoid the collision. Between denials, lawyers, money, and a jet-set lifestyle, Yoovidhya has continued to travel the world and escape any trial or consequences of his actions in Bangkok.

British historian Chris Baker has written extensively about inequality, wealth, and power in Thailand told the Associated Press that he wasn’t surprised Yoovidhya hasn’t been prosecuted. "There is most certainly a culture of impunity here that big people, which means roughly people with power and money, expect to be able to get away with a certain amount of wrongdoing," said Baker. "This happens so often, so constantly, it is very clearly part of the working culture."

But that may change now that Interpol has essentially put out a worldwide all-points bulletin on Yoovidhya. His last known location was London, England, where the Associated Press found him and his family at one of their four multi-million dollar homes. After fleeing the country on a private jet two days before a court date in May, his passport was canceled, which will make any further travel difficult. Interpol's Red Notice now instructs law enforcement worldwide to keep their eyes open for him and bring him in if they find him. Time appears to be running out for the Red Bull family heir.