24 Year-Old Dives From Car at 65 MPH After Argument With Girlfriend, Police Say

Buddy, it might be time to reevaluate your relationship.


Love can make you do crazy things but nothing can rationalize jumping from a moving car at 65 mph. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a 24 year-old male jumped from his girlfriend's car on Interstate 81 in Moosic as a result of a fight. Police indicated the girlfriend was going to pull over but the young man did not want to wait and bailed out like a Die Hard movie (Police did not reference Die Hard). 

Police stated the male "rolled a long distance" before coming to a stop. In my professional experience the best way to describe road rash victims is they look like a lime after your favorite Spanish recipe asks for lime zest. His injuries are unclear from the limited information given, but police are saying he is expected to live.

If the young man did receive the road rash I am suspecting, he has a long road ahead of him filled with antibiotics, skin grafts and cleanings to prevent infection. So the real question is, was jumping out of a moving car really worth the extra few seconds away from your girlfriend?