Tesla Replaces HR Boss After Worker Complaints

The Silicon Valley automaker looks to deter any more trouble in the future.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED May 26, 2017 10:15 AM
Tesla Replaces HR Boss After Worker Complaints

Recently, the media has been flooded with reports and complaints from Tesla employees regarding harsh working conditions. Long hours and strenuous shifts were said to be caused by tough environments—allegedly causing one worker to fall to the floor due to exhaustion, and leading others to call out to unions for help. Some even said they were "disappointed" with company founder and CEO Elon Musk's response to the situation, a headline that surfaced a few months back in February. Now, Tesla has decided to replace long-time human resources head Arnnon Geshuri with the fresh face of Gaby Toledano, hopefully mitigating the worries of workers and the public alike.

Tesla announced this transition earlier in the week with a blog post to their website.

With this move, the manufacturer seems to hope to take the issue off the table before it grows any further. Musk was reportedly hurt that so many people would say that he doesn't care about his company, a statement that he backed up by describing his down-to-earth role at the automaker's production facility. 

When asked about Tesla factory conditions, a company spokesperson said:

“We may have had some challenges in the past as we were learning how to become a car company, but what matters is the future, and with the changes we’ve made, we now have the lowest injury rate in the industry by far."

Toledano, a former boss at video game giant Electronic Arts, could help to change direction for the drama-filled department. With more attention surrounding Musk and his team every day, it'll be interesting to see how Tesla handles the issues internally throughout the coming months.