Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Revealed, Will Be Called LaFerrari Aperta

Call it Shirley for all we care. We want one regardless.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Ferrari News photo

Clearly hopping to brighten up the weeks of all those millions of Ferrari fans in the U.S.A. returning to work after the long weekend, Ferrari has revealed the LaFerrari Spider. It looks exactly the way we at The Drive thought it would: like a Ferrari LaFerrari without any roof between the A- and B-pillars. And before you ask, yes, it's already sold out.

The new Ferrari will not, however, be called the LaFerrari Spider as we earlier thought. The carmaker says it will release the official name of the car at the Paris Motor Show this fall, along with the number of units being made—but Ferrari's own official photos of the supercar are labeled "LaFerrari_Aperta," so we at The Drive are betting that's the car's true name. Also, that would continue the nice naming convention established by the 599 SA Aperta and the 458 Speciale Aperta, where special edition open-top Ferraris use the "Aperta" name and plebeian drop-tops get stuck with the "Spider" moniker.

The LaFerrari Aperta pic seems tailor-made for imagining yourself behind the wheel, making vroom-vroom noises., Ferrari

Ferrari took to Twitter to reveal the topless car earlier this morning, just hours after a spy video landed on the web featuring an undisguised open-top LaFerrari stalking around behind the gates of Maranello. Unlike the car in Ferrari's official pictures, however, the car briefly glimpsed in the video is wearing what appears to be some sort of temporary toupee. (You can see the video at the end of the post.)

The LaFerrari Aperta angle preferred by pigeons with digestive issues., Ferrari

While most of the details about the car will remain under wraps until the open-top LaFerrari's formal debut in paris, Ferrari revealed a couple fast facts. The car will come with both a soft top and a carbon-fiber hard top, the latter presumably there to ensure the new car can hit the same 217-plus mph top speed as the "regular" LaFerrari. Then again, Ferrari claims the topless version has the same coefficient of drag as the perms-lidded car, so maybe that hard top is just for kicks. Power output remains unchanged, but if 950 horsepower in a RWD sports car isn't enough for you, you should seek psychiatric attention.