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Order Your New A-Class Starting…Now

Mercedes is taking orders for the new A-Class with the first models expected to hit showrooms in May, just not here in the U.S.

byDave Bartosiak|
Order Your New A-Class Starting…Now


If you're aggravated by the number of classes Mercedes has, get ready to put another notch in your belt. As long as you’re not in the U.S., you can go to a Mercedes dealer near you and order up the new A-class. The first examples are expected to hit dealer showrooms in May but if you’ve got a spec in mind, the books are open.

There are three different models available including the A200, A250 and A180d. The A200 can be outfitted with either a six-speed manual transmission or the 7G DCT automatic. Prices for the new class start around $37,250 for the 163-horsepower A200 with the manual.

The A-Class will also be available as an “Edition 1” special model if you decide to spring for the additional $8,655 that package costs. I didn’t realize getting a trim package on an A-class would be compelling enough to get people to pony up that much money. I figure for the extra cash wouldn’t you get a different class altogether?

A big selling point of the A-class is the first glimpse at the Mercedes-Benz User Experience or MBUX. MBUX is a new multimedia system which is supposed to adapt to the driver’s behavior, learning through artificial intelligence. The standard MBUX interface was two 7-inch displays for the instrument cluster, media display with touchscreen, and a steering wheel controls. Drivers can choose to add the MBUX Augmented Reality package for navigation. Outside cameras take video of the surroundings and add helpful information on the display like house numbers and directional arrows. The MBUX system is also geared up for car-sharing with new digital key technology. 

If you’re looking for the most gadgetry you can find in a nice, compact package, the A-Class should be on your shopping list. If you’re looking for power and elegance, keep looking. Of course, if you’re looking at this car and you live in the U.S., you’re out of luck anyway. The A-Class won’t be making its way stateside.