You Can Now Get an Electric Motorcycle For Less Than $2,000

The CSC City Slicker is the real deal, but there are a few catches.

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The emerging market of electric motorcycles is one that’s still a bit cost prohibitive for a lot of riders. Zero motorcycles start at around $10,000 and a Lightning can go well into the $40k range. $10k isn’t terrible, but there still haven’t really been any good, cheap electric bikes until now.

California-based CSC Motorcycles has just announced the City Slicker, an electric street fighter that starts at $1,995. But a Ducati Monster, this is not. This 216-pound naked bike only has a top speed of 46.6 mph in “Power mode” and a range of about 35 miles. In “Eco mode,” the bike tops out at 37 mph and has a 62-mile maximum range. A full charge takes six to eight hours with a normal 110V outlet.

Those numbers might sound like the bike is darn-near unusable, but really, it’s just fine for a bike that’s strictly for the city. Obviously, it’s not usable on the highway, but if you need or want a bike just for occasional urban use, the City Slicker could be a good—and very affordable—two-wheeled companion.

However, there’s a catch with that attractive starting price. 

“As we have done in the past with the RX3, the TT250, and our other motorcycles, we are offering a Don’t-Miss-The-Boat introductory price of just $1,995,” Seidner explained in a press release. “We’ve found that our Don’t-Miss-The-Boat introductions get the word out quickly and accelerate market acceptance.  After the initial shipment, the City Slicker’s price will be $2,495. That’s still many thousands of dollars less than any other electric motorcycle offered in America,” Seidner said.

So if you want this electric bike for less than $2,000, you need to order it soon. To get more info on the City Slicker or to order one for yourself with a $500 deposit, visit CSC Motorcycles’ website. The bike will be available this September.