Dynamat Drops Even More Solutions for Keeping That Project Comfortable

Nobody will argue with a cool and quiet ride.

byHank O'Hop|
Dynamat New Product

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Driving a stripped-down car on the street is all fun and games until a tire chucks a piece of gravel into the floorboard that rings through the cabin like a gunshot. You might be able to roll with it for a bit, but eventually, it will wear you down, and you'll find yourself climbing into anything else whenever possible. And if that doesn't get you, the heat coming off the firewall will. 

Getting heat and sound levels under control is almost always a good call, and Dynamat is no stranger to dialing in acoustics and controlling the temperature in the cockpits of project cars. It's got a long list of quality sound deadening and insulation solutions builders have been counting on since the '80s. Its success is largely owed to a track record of delivering quality products that are built right here in the USA. 

Sticking to a simple formula isn’t how Dynamat stays on top, though. It continues to innovate and introduce new products to the market that continuously elevate its long-standing reputation. If you’re involved with any kind of project that generates a ton of heat and noise, you will want to check out its two latest entries: Dynamat Xtreme Squared and DynaCore.  


Dynamat Xtreme Made Easier 

Dynamat Xtreme sound deadener is already favored by many because it's 30 percent lighter and 40 percent quieter than the competition. There aren’t many situations where keeping weight down isn’t a good thing. The more weight you add to a car, the harder the engine has to work to do anything and the result is slower ETs and lesser fuel economy. Minimizing the compromise for better comfort makes Dynamat Xtreme a no-brainer. 

You’re also not taking on some complicated installation process to get those benefits. Dynamat Xtreme is just like any other sound-deadening mat on the market. It's a self-adhesive butyl core mat with a specialized aluminum backing that you stick right to the sheet metal like any other sound-deadening mat. 


Dynamat Xtreme Squared makes peeling and sticking sound deadeners even easier. This new variant comes in 18-inch square sheeting that's clearly marked in 1-inch increments to expedite layout and cutting to size. That grid is not exclusive to the squared sheets, as it’s shared with a variety of automotive-specific applications in the Xtreme line. That might not seem like a big deal to the uninitiated, but details like that go a long way when you're already deep into an overhaul. You don’t have to wait for it either. Dynamat Xtreme Squared is available on the company's site and at dealers all over the country. 


DynaCore for Next-Level Comfort

As great as traditional butyl-type sound-deadening mats are, they do have their limitations. You’ll often need to take additional steps to get heat and sound levels under control when comfort is the primary concern. 

Just like you'd expect from an industry leader, Dynamat is on the ball in other parts of the sound-dampening and thermal barrier realm. Those who need something on the thicker end should turn their attention to DynaCore, its most recent solution for situations that require a little more reinforcement. 


DynaCore is a new thermoacoustic barrier you can apply under the hood or anywhere throughout the cabin to combat heat, noise, and vibration. It's a self-adhesive sheet available in half-inch and one-inch thicknesses, that you can easily apply wherever you need it. 

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This thick fiber-based pad can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and is easily bendable and compressible with excellent UV resistance, and it's even up to most flammability standards.

So, yeah. You really can use it anywhere you'd need to break out the big guns to improve comfort, as long as you apply a little bit of common sense along with it. It, too, is available on Dynamat's site and through its dealers.