Save 20% on Big Red’s 12-Ton Shop Press With Amazon’s Limited-Time Deal

There will never be a day that you regret investing in a shop press.

byHank O'Hop|
Big Red Hydarulic Shop Press Deal


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Life without a shop press is frustrating. I went years without one, convinced that a mini sledge was all I needed to forge ahead, and slugged my way through countless jobs like a caveman. The first time I used a hydraulic shop press to pop out a stubborn wheel bearing, it became utterly apparent that I'm an idiot. You don't have to be like me, especially not with Big Red's 12-ton hydraulic shop press listing for 20% off at Amazon. 

Right now, Big Red’s T51201 12-ton hydraulic shop press is selling for $192.40 at Amazon. For the same cost as a good bench vise, it's worth every penny. I know. You've got a million old-school tricks that allow to work around the investment, but, trust me, the press is always a better solution. It will save you hours of agony, and you will be happy you finally set yourself up with one every time it effortlessly pushes out stubborn u-joints, wheel bearings, or whatever else it is you're working on. The only catch to this deal is that it's only here while supplies last. So, you’d better jump if you’re serious about it. 

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