Protect Yourself From Insurance Scammers With Great Deals On Dashcams From Amazon

Get big discounts on small cameras to record the things going on around your car in traffic or while parked.

byMichael Febbo|
Protect Yourself From Insurance Scammers With Great Deals On Dashcams From Amazon


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Sometimes you guys surprise me. I've been reviewing dash cams for the past several months, but just started publishing the reviews recently. The traffic numbers to these reviews have shocked us. Since there's interest in owning a dash cam, my suspicion is you'd also like to buy one and get a great price. So for today's deals, I've assembled a list deals on some of the dash cams that already have reviews on the site, as well as some that have reviews coming up shortly.

At the bottom of the price spectrum, we have the Garmin Mini 2 dash cam. Read the full review of that thumb-sized dash cam and see if it's right for you. If you want the Cliff's Notes version, I was impressed with the image quality and the ease of use. It is super easy to install, it takes up pretty much the least amount of space possible, and the app makes it easy to download videos. As you would expect, it doesn't have the same amount of features as the higher-end models, but if you're just looking for video evidence for cheap, the $109.99 it is tough to beat.

Like most things in this world, the more you spend on a dash cam, the more features you get. I recently posted the review of the Nexar One dash cam, which is decidedly more premium—and huge. The version in the review has the internal camera unit on it also, but that isn't currently on sale. The Nexar One below has the same external camera and communications unit, so you will still be able to stream a live you to your phone when away from the car, get emergency alerts, and automatically store and send footage in case of an accident.

Check the list below for dash cams deals priced for every budget.

From Amazon. Regular Price: $129.99
From Amazon. Regular Price: $399.99