Twofer: Ten-Year Scotch and a Jaguar-Shaped Private Study

The line between an old Jag and a lovely office is quite thin. Let the whiskey decide.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Oct 16, 2015 9:30 PM
Twofer: Ten-Year Scotch and a Jaguar-Shaped Private Study

Fall is a time to wind down and relax—the world itself is telling you so! The days are cooler and shorter. You’re drawn inside to sit cross-legged, slip on an alpaca sweater and stir a crock of Boeuf Bourguignon while laminating leaves, or whatever the Pinterest mafia has Ciderboarded you into believing is seasonally appropriate. Put away your pasties, flip-flops and beer-helmet—summer is over. It’s time to chill.

Many find whiskey a catalyst to relaxation. Laphroaig’s decade-aged Scotch whiskey—redolent of the peaty moors from which it derives—is very good. It is the only Scotch bearing royal warrant from the Prince of Wales. Drink it neat, on ice or out of a hollowed-out gourd, like you’re at the Barefoot Contessa’s fall mixer or a very refined equinox bacchanal. As you cradle the warty exterior of your tiny calabash, feel your thudding heart slow from triple to duple meter.  

For maximum chill and solipsism, you’ll need a study. Maybe, even, one distant from the house. In A Place of My Own, Michael Pollan details the building of his own cedar-shingled writing and thinking shack on a property in Connecticut. Should you care to forgo the surprisingly involved process of building a 104-square-foot house, we recommend this beautiful, 1966 Jaguar Mark X. It does not run. Roll her to a spot in the yard with optimal feng shui, set the parking brake and a couple of chucks, and voilà: a tiny study with an interior of walnut and Connolly leather.

One could hardly ask for a better place to sip a wee dram, a danger to none.

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