A Look at Autopom’s Warranty Plans

Learn the ins and outs of the multiple coverage options offered by Autopom and find the best warranty plan for your vehicle.

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Autopom stands for Automotive Peace of Mind, and just as the name suggests, it offers some of the best extended warranty plans that guarantee peace of mind to owners of both new and used vehicles. Autopom was founded in 2009 and is based in California. Its vehicle protection plans are available in the United States and Canada and are administered through a team of licensed insurance agents, including Royal Administration, EFG Group, Mercury Insurance Group, and United Car Care (UCC).

It has a solid reputation in the car warranty industry, and that's mostly because it offers diversified protection plans to suit every driver's budget. Since Autopom’s plans are available to vehicles up to 20 model years old or with up to 200,000 miles on the odometer, they’re among the best extended warranty plans for drivers with older vehicles. Let’s dive deeper into the offerings of Autopom’s warranty.

Warranty At-A-Glance

  • Exclusionary Plans: Full coverage for mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle. 
  • High-Level Plans: The immediate alternative to the Exclusionary plans. They also provide coverage for major systems and components of your vehicle. 
  • Mid-Level Plans: The immediate alternative to the Powertrain Plus plans, these are available at an additional fee. They also cover more components and systems in comparison.  
  • Powertrain Plus Plans: The basic levels of coverage for the major systems of vehicles that are 14 model years old or newer. 


  • Customer-friendly services
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Plans are fully transferable
  • Repairs can be done at any authorized shop


  • Not the most affordable warranty provider
  • Autopom isn't the direct seller of its vehicle service contracts
  • It doesn’t cover luxury brands

Warranty In-Depth

Autopom offers 20 plans to choose from, and they’re grouped into four levels of coverage. This includes Powertrain Plus, Mid-Level, High-Level, and Exclusionary plans. The length of the coverage differs from plan to plan and mostly depends on the age of your vehicle and your location. The longest term available is eight years or 150,000 miles. 

Powertrain Plus

Under the Powertrain Plus plans, you’ll be protected if anything goes wrong with the major systems of your vehicle, including the engine, transmission, drive axle, and a few other components such as basic electrical systems and air conditioning. 

It’s the least expensive option and is divided into different plans, including Royal Centennial, Omega Powertrain Enhanced, Integrity Gold, Mercury Copper MBI, and Mercury Select. Each plan offers a different level of coverage and is administered by a different vehicle service contract provider. 


The mid-level plans are an improvement on the Powertrain Plus plans and are slightly more expensive in comparison. They cover all components in the Powertrain Plus plans and also extend to the steering, fuel delivery system, braking system, suspension, and cooling.

Available plans here include the Royal Preferred, Mercury Silver MBI, and Royal Standard MBI. The last two are available only in California, while the Royal Preferred plan is available in most states in the U.S.  


High-Level plans are cost-effective plans for anyone who wants comprehensive coverage but doesn’t have the budget for the Exclusionary Plans. Some of the parts covered include the engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, fuel system, electrical, air conditioning, cooling, brake system, steering, suspension, and seals and gaskets. 

Available plans here include Mercury Deluxe, Mercury Gold MBI, Omega Used, Royal Premium, and Royal Premium MBI.  


Exclusionary plans are an extension of your manufacturer's warranty. They’re the most comprehensive plans available but are expensive. Instead of listing the parts covered, this plan offers only a short list of the parts not covered. So basically, it covers most of the electrical and mechanical components of your vehicle and therefore offers great value for the money. 

Available plans under this coverage include Mercury Platinum MBI (available only in California), Royal Elite Plus MBI, Integrity Platinum, Royal Ultimate, Mercury Ultimate, and Omega Exclusionary. 

What We Like

One notable feature about Autopom is its customer-friendly approach to providing its warranty plans. For one, you can get a free quote directly from the website. Also, the payment terms are friendly to the customer, and you’re allowed to spread out the payment for costly plans across a period of 24 months. 

All the plans come with 24/7 roadside assistance, which includes flat tire assistance and towing services. You also get rental vehicle assistance with an expense reimbursement in case your vehicle is towed and you have to seek alternative transportation. 

When you sell your vehicle, you can transfer the remainder of the plan to the new owner. This helps to increase your vehicle's resale value. Also, if you refer Autopom to friends or family, you’ll be rewarded with a $50 Visa gift card.  

When you have a breakdown, you can take your vehicle to any licensed repair shop in the United States or Canada. This gives you full control in deciding who can service your vehicle, so you can take it to your trusted local mechanic.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

What We Don’t Like

It has a higher deductible than most extended warranty providers. Its down payments are priced higher than most of its competitors. If you file a claim and it gets approved, you’ll owe Autopom an up-front deductible, but it's still more affordable than paying out-of-pocket payments for repairs.

Autopom’s vehicle protection plans aren’t provided directly by the company, but instead are administered by multiple third-party providers. The warranties are administered either by the Royal Administration, EFG Group, Mercury Insurance Group, or United Car Care. Autopom acts like a middleman and only coordinates so you can get paid for your claims from the plan’s administrator. 

Lastly, not all vehicles are eligible for the coverage. Luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce, BMW, Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi aren’t covered.

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with regular passenger vehicles include:

  • Engine: Some common engine problems include engine stalls, failure to crank due to starter relay failure, or cases where the engine may turn over but fail to start. A no-start diagnosis can cost about $80 to $110.  
  • Fuel System: Common problems associated with the fuel system include a fuel pump replacement or a faulty fuel level sensor triggering the check engine light. Repair costs can range from $500 to $600, including costs for check engine light diagnosis and testing.  
  • Air Conditioning: A few issues with the AC system may include a leaking hose at the crimped connection, overheating due to a leaking coolant, or rattling noises from the AC. Average repair costs can range from $600 to $1,000, depending on the part that needs to be replaced. 


The wide selection of warranty plans offered by Autopom sets it apart from other warranty providers that have only powertrain and bumper-to-bumper coverage. Seeing that there’s much more to consider about its diversified vehicle service contracts, you may have a few more questions on the conditions of the warranty. A few of those questions are answered below.  

Q. Can you cancel the Autopom warranty?

If you aren’t satisfied with its services for the first 30 to 60 days, you can cancel the plan at no extra cost. Autopom offers a 30- to 60-day money-back guarantee where you get a full reimbursement.   

Q. Is Autopom a good warranty provider?

Yes, it’s a good warranty provider. It offers multiple plans to help you stay within your budget while protecting your investment. 

Q. What does the Autopom warranty cover?

Depending on the vehicle protection plan you choose, you can either get a plan that covers basic powertrain components or a more comprehensive plan that covers most electrical and mechanical components of your vehicle. 

Q. How much does an Autopom warranty cost?

The costs vary depending on the plan and coverage level quoted. Deductibles may cost up to $500.

Q. Can I get a refund on Autopom’s extended car warranty?

Depending on the plan you select, you can get a full refund for the first 30 to 60 days if you decide to cancel the coverage. If you cancel after the first 30 to 60 days, you’ll receive a prorated refund based on the lesser percentage of the unused months or unused miles minus an administration fee. 

Q. Does Autopom provide a good customer experience?

Yes, it does. Autopom has a reputation for providing a great customer experience and has a great customer support team that's always ready to resolve customer issues. You can also expect to receive an expiration notice when your contract is coming to an end. 

Is an Autopom Warranty Worth It?

Autopom gives drivers the protection they need by offering a more comprehensive extended warranty plan than most warranty companies provide. There are multiple plans to choose from, and you can either get a direct quote from Autopom or rely on its customer service representatives to help you select the right plan based on your budget and needs.

Another thing to note is that Autopom provides sample vehicle service contracts on its website so you can know what you’re getting into before purchasing the plan. It can be worth the investment, seeing that it comes with extra perks such as 24/7 roadside assistance and car rental coverage.  

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