Volvo’s Extended Warranty Is Decent But Light On Additional Perks

Volvo’s extended service plans have both strong and weak elements

byNoelle Talmon| UPDATED Apr 29, 2022 3:54 PM
Volvo’s Extended Warranty Is Decent But Light On Additional Perks

Swedish automaker Volvo offers its customers the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty after the factory warranty on their vehicles expire. Specifically, the automaker allows vehicle owners to choose one of three different levels through its Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) plans.

When the bumper-to-bumper/powertrain warranty on new Volvo vehicles concludes, the automaker's extended warranty, also known as a vehicle service contract, protects consumers by covering thousands of components related to unexpected repairs and pricey fixes linked to automotive maintenance.

Read our review to see if Volvo's extended service plan is worth purchasing.

Warranty In-Depth

The Volvo extended warranty supplies more extensive service and repairs than the automaker's standard bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty. It covers mechanical repairs that include parts and labor up to six years or 120,000 miles, depending on the plan you choose.

When you purchase a Volvo, you want to avoid expensive repair bills. The VIP plan is intended to help out with maintenance and routine part replacements after the original manufacturer's warranty expire. Volvo's coverage protection plans feature deductible options that range from $0-250. The three different options are Platinum, Gold, or Powertrain.

Many car owners choose to wait to purchase an extended warranty until their factory warranty comes to an end. Volvo’s extended coverage is available when the factory warranty expires or if a consumer wants to add coverage to a vehicle with no warranty remaining. 

Volvo notes that coverage on certain vehicles may be limited based on the age, mileage, make, and model of the car. All repairs and maintenance are performed by factory-trained technicians using genuine Volvo parts at authorized Volvo dealerships in the United States and Canada

Component Coverage

The Platinum plan is Volvo's most comprehensive level of protection and is exclusionary, meaning it covers all of the vehicle's assemblies except for the ones listed in the exclusions section of the vehicle service contract. Items on the exclusionary list include:

  • Brake linings
  • Brake drums and rotors
  • Disc brake pads
  • Standard manual transmission clutch friction disc
  • Pressure plate
  • Pilot bearing
  • Throw-out bearing and arm
  • Airbags
  • Solar-powered devices
  • Glass, lenses, sealed beams 
  • Body parts and/or panels
  • Weatherstripping, trim, moldings 
  • Lock cylinders
  • Tires, wheels
  • All batteries except Hybrid/EV/Hydrogen High Voltage batteries
  • Light bulbs
  • Upholstery 
  • Paint
  • Bright metal
  • Freeze plugs
  • Filters, heater and radiator hoses
  • Exhaust system
  • Catalytic converter
  • Shock absorbers
  • Work such as front-end alignment or wheel balancing (unless it’s required in conjunction with a mechanical breakdown)
  • Safety restraint systems
  • Audio/security or other systems, not factory installed
  • Vinyl and convertible tops.

The Gold level covers the following: engine, cooling, transmission, drive axle, steering, brakes, air conditioning, front/rear suspension, electrical, additional hybrid/plug-in electric/compressed natural gas/hydrogen components. The Powertrain level offers protection against covered mechanical breakdowns related to the engine, transmission, and drive axle.

The various VIP plans also contain some other exclusions. The plans will not cover mechanical breakdowns caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, improper towing, lack of maintenance, contamination, damage as a result of continued operation with an overheat condition, lack of coolant or lubricants, lack of oil viscosity, sludge, restricted oil flow, salt, rust and rust damage, environmental damage, or chemicals.

In addition, the plans won't protect your vehicle against worn rings or any repairs linked to a drop in engine efficiency when a mechanical breakdown has not occurred.

Additional Perks

All three of Volvo's coverage levels come with additional benefits, including reimbursement up to $40 per day for up to 10 days per covered mechanical breakdown. This includes reimbursement for public transportation, rental car services, or ridesharing services. 

If you’re more than 100 miles from home when you have a covered mechanical breakdown, you will receive up to $100 per day, up to $500 per occurrence, for food and lodging.

The VIP plans cover up to $100 in towing charges per occurrence if your Volvo breaks down. Roadside assistance services also include jump-starts, winching, changing a flat (if a working spare tire is available) and emergency fuel delivery (up to two gallons).

The automaker also replaces necessary fluids, oils, greases, lubricants, and approved air conditioner gases required in conjunction with a covered repair. In addition, each VIP plan is fully transferable to a subsequent owner, making your car more appealing to potential buyers.

The VIP Plan can be included in your vehicle's financing and is cancellable. Volvo also provides additional protection plans for an additional fee, such as appearance protection plans (for dents, dings, rips, and tears) as well as those geared towards tires and wheels and windshield replacement.

Volvo’s extended warranty has some benefits, but it’s roadside assistance is lacking, gettyimages
Feeling Overwhelmed?

What We Like

Volvo's coverage of components and added perks, such as its roadside assistance and travel protection, makes it tempting to purchase. The Platinum coverage plan, in particular, is rather robust in what it includes, and it contains much more than the automaker's other two lower-tier options.

Roadside assistance and travel coverage are also very beneficial, especially if you drive a lot. These perks can provide peace of mind when you're stranded, need help transporting your vehicle to a repair facility, or are left without a car due to a lengthy repair period.

What We Don’t Like

One of the primary things we dislike about the automaker's VIP plans is they don't cover repairs related to maintenance requirements, environmental damage, or improper towing. However, these types of exclusions are typical among many manufacturer-specific extended warranties and are not unexpected.

Volvo, like many of its competitors, also requires its customers to use Volvo auto parts and repair facilities. As a result, you are restricted when it comes to where you have your vehicle serviced. This prevents you from using a local garage, which may be more accessible than a dealer.

Another issue is that coverage on certain vehicles may be limited based on the age, mileage, make, and model of the car. Finally, while Volvo does offer roadside assistance, some competitor automakers also provide a loaner, concierge, and key fob replacement programs, which Volvo does not. 

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with Volvo vehicles:

  • Volvo 240: Mass airflow sensor replacement ($241 - $679)
  • Volvo 850: Fuel pump replacement ($487 - $511)
  • Volvo 960: Brake pad replacement ($181 - $209)
  • Volvo C70: Window regulator replacement ($2,713 - $2,760)
  • Volvos S60: Suspension shock or strut assembly replacement ($1,576 - $1,614)


Q. Does Volvo offer an extended warranty?

A.Yes. The automaker offers three different types of vehicle service contracts known as Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) plans. 

Q. Are there any alternatives to the Volvo extended warranty?

A. Yes, of course. For example, there are several third-party providers such as Endurance, that offer extended warranty coverage for your Volvo.

Q. Is a Volvo extended warranty worth it?

A. It's up to you and the type of vehicle you have. If it's older and is susceptible to problems that require attention, an extended warranty may help you save money

Q. Is a Volvo extended warranty transferable?

A. Yes. Volvo's coverage is fully transferable to a new owner. To transfer your VIP contract to a new owner, you must complete a transfer form and pay a $40 fee.

Q. Where can I get my Volvo repaired?

A. If you have a VIP plan, you can have your vehicle serviced at any authorized Volvo dealer in the United States and Canada.

Is Volvo’s Extended Warranty Worth It?

There are some benefits to purchasing an automaker’s extended warranty. However, many people elect not to take advantage of them because they don't want to pay extra for the coverage. Since basic extended warranties usually just lengthen the defect repair coverage of manufacturer warranties, it’s easy to see why people avoid them. 

However, the VIP Premium plan, which Volvo dubs its “Ultimate Peace of Mind” protection, is quite comprehensive in its inclusions and coverage of components. If you don't want to be responsible for the cost of unexpected repairs and like having access to roadside assistance, this level of protection can be advantageous.

Nonetheless, if you drive infrequently or prefer working on your own vehicle, you may not require the extra protection that Volvo provides. The decision is up to you.

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