Michigan Vote May Allow Idling Vehicles on Private Property

Michigan house votes to overturn ban on idling vehicles.

byMark Sanew| PUBLISHED May 2, 2017 8:03 PM
Michigan Vote May Allow Idling Vehicles on Private Property

If fair weather drivers have never experienced sub zero temperatures, the idea of warming up a car maybe silly.  In places like Michigan coming out to an iced over vehicle can take upwards of 15 minutes to reach normal temperatures in certain conditions.  During that time, driving around with no heat can be an extremely difficult prospect namely on a morning commute.  In Michigan, the vehicle code has banned vehicle warm up on private and public property and owners are subject to tickets.  The idea to ban this practice was to avoid vehicle theft for those who left keys inside the car.

The Detroit Free Press reported today that the House of Representatives voted 77-30 to remove the provision from the vehicle code that prohibit owners from idling on private property. However, idling vehicles on public land or gas stations is still illegal and subject to fines. 

“It was a matter of personal property rights. This would just rescind the rule of someone warming up their car on their own private property, we’re keeping in place the provisions dealing with a car running unattended on a public roadway or parking lot.”

 State Rep. Holly Hughes, R-White River Township

Holly Hughes

, http://gophouse.org

If the Senate approves the bill many won't have to worry about tickets in their driveway, but the legal system always has some holes and if a local township passes an ordinance to ban it, local PD may still be able to issue citations.

“ Roseville or any other community is free to pass an ordinance that would allow tickets for leaving cars running and unattended — “but they’ll have to answer to their own constituents.”

State Rep. Holly Hughes

Bill HB 4215 moves to the Senate for final approval.