The Drive is Sending Two Idiots in a Morgan to Set a World Record

And the $583 supply list speaks volumes.

byMax Prince|
Lighteu DC 12V Pressure Pump

We’re about to do a colossally stupid thing.

The Drive’s two newest contributing editors are preparing to set a world record. We cannot tell you what said record will be, nor when the attempt will happen. Just know that it involves a Morgan 3-Wheeler, egregious self-abuse and possibly snow. Naturally, our guys needed kit. I, wielding a corporate expense card liberally, offered to stock up. The supplies list they sent… lord, it just reeks of dumb:

  • Foam earplugs (20x)
  • Gaffer tape, heavy-duty (30 yards)
  • Hand warmers (40x)
  • Five-gallon utility fuel jugs (4x)
  • Digital kitchen timer
  • 5 Hour Energy (24x)
  • Excedrin Migraine (300x)
  • Motorcycle helmet headphone/radio (2x)
  • Catheter kit, self-seal bags (7-day supply)
  • Mechanics wire, 18-gauge, spooled (1 pound)
  • Zip ties (650x)

Stay tuned, details coming soon. The results will either be epic, or we’ll have a couple of one-armed fellas running around the office. Maybe both. But, hey, what the hell? Strap on a catheter and start the kitchen timer. Let’s roll the dice.