BMW to Continue On With Diesels in US

While VW and Audi are paying the price, BMW to continue on.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Feb 1, 2017 4:13 PM
BMW to Continue On With Diesels in US

Everyone has been a bit anxious about selling diesel cars in the US after VW's Dieselgate woes. The EPA really flexed its guns with that one, knocking the manufacturer with fine after fine to make sure they had learned their lesson. While it may have made them think twice, BMW joins Mercedes Benz by deciding to continue selling diesel powered cars in America.

BMW has had skin in the diesel game for years. Just like their other German competitors, it's been a niche market for them which they've been able to build on repeatedly. Almost all of their models offer a diesel variant, and it looks like this trend will continue alongside electric models by the year 2020. Diesel vehicles are especially successful in Europe where they have recently made up more than 50 percent of new car sales.

Car and Driver recently spoke with Fritz Steinparzer, BMW’s global head of diesel-engine development, about the future of BMW diesels in America. He's quoted as being "pragmatically optimistic", ensuring the company's abilities and expectations. He also indicates that the diesels' fate depends heavily on how Europe reacts to them in coming years as they are planned to make up only 9 percent of market share in 2030 according to this report.

Criticism by the EPA did lead to a kink in BMW diesel production. This occurred late last year, though the manufacturer was ultimately cleared of any accusations. BMW says that US regulations are "not the problem", remaining confident in their product. 

BMW knows that diesels are on the decline, but that doesn't scare them away. Instead, they plan on treating it as a transition towards plug in hybrids and eventually all electric cars, increasing economy and savings as time goes on. They already have big plans towards electrification, eventually making an electric version of every model they sell.