Ford Was Kidding; The Bronco Will Look the Part

It seems like we may get the Bronco we want after all.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jan 12, 2017 10:13 PM
Ford Was Kidding; The Bronco Will Look the Part

It's been a rollercoaster since Ford announced the return of the Bronco at NAIAS 2017. First, they sparked excitement with bold statements and loads of hype, then we found out it may be a knock-off version of the Australian Everest model with a four door being the only option. However, Ford has thrown us another curveball. In a recent statement to Automotive World News, Ford of the Americas President Joe Hinrichs said "it'll stay true to its heritage." Oh boy!

Ford is leaving us with a real cliff hanger here. They drop a bread crumb of information, leading us down a trail to the next. We still don't have all that many details, leading us to speculate on what the 2020 Bronco could be. We know that it will have body-on-frame construction, but that's about it. Hinrichs later went on to say "you'll recognize it as a Bronco." So that's got us thinking.

Will it be like the renders that we see pop up everyday? If so, Ford could bask in the frenzy (and financial gain) that would follow. The Bronco will still have loose ties with the Ranger and Everest as it is set to share the same T6 platform. Even then, styling could be unique and distinguishable, which is what we're hoping for. Hinrichs avoided the question when asked if it will be available as a four or two door, furthering the suspense.

Ford has plenty of time to keep this guessing game up as the Bronco won't be released until 2020. Its pal, the Ranger, will hit showrooms one year prior in 2019, allowing us a first look at the platform here in the States. As for the truck's looks, it's up to the big wigs in Detroit to decide. By the sounds of it, they want to take full advantage of their attention -- and they'd be wise to continue that on by giving the people what they want.