Grey Market: Modified Porsche 930 Delivers Jaw Dropping Acceleration

This car is loud and rowdy, but not as deadly as some might suggest?

byBradley Brownell|
Grey Market: Modified Porsche 930 Delivers Jaw Dropping Acceleration

First let me begin with a warning that this video is not safe for work due to some explicit language. That's the effect a 930 has on people. Roll into the throttle, get punched in the back of the head with boost and acceleration and a wall of noise. The car depicted in this video is a heavily modified 1982 grey market import Porsche 911 Turbo, and with this matte grey vinyl wrap, it sure looks angry. Porsche's 930, as delivered, was a car to be feared, one that would snap on you if you hesitated for even a second. This build, even though it features more horsepower, is a more docile creature. A bigger turbocharger helps a bit, but smoothing out the flow with a larger free-flowing intercooler and a larger free-flowing exhaust imbues this Porsche with more tractable power. The pent up energy feeling of the 930 appears to be gone, and in its place is a smoother power delivery curve that comes on at 3000 RPM. Yes, there is still lag, but it isn't the on-off switch of yesteryear. 

With stock suspension, this 911 Turbo likely still rides quite well, but larger diameter, wider, and stickier modern tires likely curb some of the car's enthusiasm for oversteer. The host in the video is mostly driving the car in a straight line when really hammering on the throttle, so it's difficult to tell what the exact handling characteristics of the car are, but the owner seems pretty confident in the Porsche's abilities, constantly urging more throttle or to go faster. The video drags a bit long at nearly 11 minutes, but the car is certainly fun to watch, and the sound of that turbocharged aircooled flat six is intoxicating.

This video, and more like it, are available on the Wheelie Cool Videos YouTube channel. Check it out.