Drive Wire: Hennessey Performance Selling Six-Wheeled Ford F-150 Raptor for $295,000

In case the regular Raptor somehow wasn’t tough enough.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Oct 6, 2016 4:57 PM

Hey there. Will Sabel Courtney here for Drive Wire on The Drive.

Texas-based Hennessey Performance, long known for its souped-up versions of American muscle and sports cars, has revealed its latest creation: a three-axle, six-wheel-drive version of the twenty-seventeen Ford F-150 Raptor that it’s calling the VelociRaptor 6-by-6.

The Hennessey VelociRaptor 6-by-6 comes with an upgraded Fox suspension, new off-road-ready wheels and tires, a roll bar, LED lighting, new bumpers—and of course, those extra wheels hanging off the back end.

If that’s not enough to make your Ford stand out, Hennessey also offer a turbo upgrade package that bumps the Raptor’s stock output of 450 horsepower up to more than 600 ponies.

But these mods don’t come cheap. The VelociRaptor 6-by-6 starts at $295,000, and the 600-horsepower power upgrade adds an additional $22,500 on top. And of course, Hennessey will add other options, such as upgraded brakes, a nicer interior, and even armor packages for a few dollars more.

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