Drive Wire for August 25th, 2016: To Meet Standards, By 2020 1-in-6 Cars Sold Must Be Electric

A study by the World Energy Counsel shows the only way to emissions regulation compliance is hundreds of thousands of EVs.

byThe Drive Staff|

The people at have unearthed a study released in June from the World Energy Counsel indicating that in order to meet federal emissions regulations, by 2020, one in six cars sold must be electric. In the United States, that means 900,000 electric cars, or 11 percent of 2020’s new car sales.

Despite the release of successful electric cars from brands like Chevrolet, Tesla and BMW, adoption of the technology has been hampered by concerns of range—most electric cars can travel less than 200 miles on a single charge—availability of charging stations and higher purchase costs, even after tax incentives. Still, in order to meet global and federal emissions regulations, car makers and consumers both will have to work to get more electric vehicles on the road.