Drive Wire: April 14, 2016

Ford GT news, Lambo spy shots, BMW numbers, a great home entertainment system, and jet ski madness.

byThe Drive Staff|
Drive Wire: April 14, 2016

Hey guys, it’s Christina Thompson and this is Drive Wire for Thursday, April 14.

Big stuff happening in the world of the Ford GT! For well-strapped would-be buyers, Ford has opened the application process for ownership. As we previously reported, Ford is creating a brand ambassador environment for the first two years of GT production, so the first 500 cars will go to carefully selected individuals who also just happen to have $450,000. Ford is giving preference to previous GT owners, assuming they are hungry for a 600+ horsepower carbon fiber rocket. The news for the rest of us is that the configurator is live online now! Take our advice and go with the orange interior no matter what.

Turning to international supercar news, spy shots of a variant Lamborghini Huracan have popped up and it seems that a more hard-edged Superleggera model is in the works. Superleggera, as you may know, is Italian for “super light” and the term has been used to designate special track-centric models of Lambo before. This test platform Huracan seems to have something interesting happening out back – perhaps a new exhaust system, or packaging for more rear-wheel drive purist shenanigans? It’s just speculation at this point, but we’re hoping whatever it is gets the same 611 horses as the Super Trofeo race car.

News from the high-flying world of international business – BMW has sold its two millionth 5-series since 2010. Just last year the Bavarian giant sold almost 350,000 5-series cars worldwide in every configuration from sedan to five-door hatchback GT to wagon. This 5-series, known internally as the F-10 configuration, is a strong contender for the most successful 5-series iteration yet, despite being a target for criticism for introducing turbocharging to the M5 and also for less than adventurous styling. At any rate, the new generation of the 5-series will arrive next model year with big sales shoes to fill and a mountain of tradition behind it.

Todays’ gear definitely caters to the audiophile with “Nativ”, a high-rez music and entertainment system designed to stream your services. Nativ also stores up to four terabytes of your files in a convenient touchscreen unit for those of you who are living off the grid. Nativ connects to your existing AV system and speakers or headphones and even plays videos on your TV. It’s simple and does it all, so check it out on Kickstarter or at

For today’s ridiculous video, we have jet ski ace Eli Kemnitz showing us exactly how nuts you can go with just a river, some good garage prep, and a hell of a lot of core muscle training. Seriously, watch him toss that jet ski around like it’s a skateboard and then hit the gym, it’s freaking inspirational and drop-dead cool.

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