This Rotwild R.S2 Racing Bike Is Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R

The Limited Edition bike will cost €7,109 in a nod to the GT R’s 7:10.9 Nürburgring lap time.

byChris Tsui| UPDATED Nov 10, 2017 5:57 PM
This Rotwild R.S2 Racing Bike Is Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R

Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R and its "Beast of the Green Hell" moniker, German bikemaker Rotwild has teamed up with the automotive boffins in Affalterbach to create a limited edition R.S2 racing bike. Limited to just 50 units, the bike inherits the GT R's extroverted, "Hell Green" paint job as well as a focus on lightweight construction and comfort. 

Created as part of AMG's 50th anniversary (50 years, 50 units, get it?), the Rotwild R.S2 Limited-Edition "Beast of the Green Hell" is a hand-built, state of the art racing bicycle featuring an outstandingly rigid and light carbon frame, seats specially shaped for comfort on long journeys, and 29-inch Crankbrothers Cobalt 11 carbon wheels that sort most of its weight as close to the axle as possible, minimizing rotating mass. Shimano-supplied disc brakes and drivetrain components round out the technical highlights. 

As for how much all of this will cost, Rotwild has given new meaning to frivolous pricing, slapping the Green Hell Edition R.S2 with a price tag of 7,109 euros ($8,287)—in reference to the AMG GT R's Nürburgring lap time of 7:10.9. Whether or not GT R owners who lap the Nordschleife faster than that are eligible for a discount is unclear.