Chevy Truck 100 Pandora Station Brings Country Classics

To help celebrate 100 years of Chevy trucks, Chevy has curated a Pandora station full of country classics.

byDave Bartosiak|
Chevrolet News photo

The one thing David Allen Coe tried to teach everybody is that you can’t have a real country song without saying anything about Mama, trains, trucks, prison or getting’ drunk. For the last 100 years, those trucks in those country songs have likely been Chevrolet’s. To honor 100 years of Chevy trucks and country music, Chevy has curated a Pandora station called Chevy Truck 100. The station is full of songs referencing pickup trucks.

Working with Chevy on the project, famed record producer and songwriter Frank Rodgers helped explain the connection: “At its most basic level, every song tells a story, while the very best songs also make an emotional connection with the audience. For artists, many of us grew up riding in a Chevy truck, making it a natural way to tell the story of our experiences. For our fans, a reference to a Chevy truck is something they can instantly relate to, helping make the story relevant to their life as well.”

It's true, pickup trucks are as American as apple pie, baseball, and riots on Black Friday. The segment has historically been a cash cow for U.S. manufacturers as well, prompting a recent entry from Mercedes But when you think pickup trucks, it’s hard not to think about that bowtie in the grill.

Pickup truck in the country, Chevrolet

Marketing Director for Chevrolet Trucks Sandor Piszar commented on the public’s love affair with Chevy trucks throughout the years. “We have built 85 million Chevy trucks over the past 100 years. In turn, our customers have created millions of memories associated with our trucks, be it working in the field or job site, cruising with friends or camping with families. That connection with generations of people is a defining characteristic of Chevy trucks, and something few other brands can match,” he said.

While I’m sure the Chevy Truck 100 Pandora station will provide hours of listening pleasure, let’s hope this doesn’t become a "thing." I can already hear the Def Leppard screaming from the Camaro Channel and M3’s pounding Tiesto.