Lamborghini Has Now Produced 7000 Aventadors and 9000 Huracans

The Raging Bull boosts its forces in preparation for a stampede onto the global market.

byChris Constantine| UPDATED Oct 27, 2017 6:37 PM
Lamborghini Has Now Produced 7000 Aventadors and 9000 Huracans

Lamborghini celebrated record high production numbers on Friday with over 7,000 Aventadors and 9,000 Huracáns produced.


The most recent Aventador to roll off the assembly line is a Grigio Adamas (grey) Aventador S Roadster bound for American showrooms; the 'S Roadster just debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show this past September. This is the sixth year of production for the Aventador, and the success of the S variant shows that this bull won't be put down easily, at least until its successor comes out.

Even more impressive is the Huracán's record numbers, as Lamborghini has only produced its best-selling supercar for three years. Chassis number 9,000 goes to a Blue Nethuns (Monterey Blue) Huracán Performante headed to a lucky customer in Dubai.

It's only been a few months since the brand announced that the number 8000 Huracán was ready to hit the road. At this rate, it will only take another year and a half for it to surpass its predecessor, the Gallardo—Lamborghini's most abundant model to date. For comparison, it took ten years for the company to build 14,000 Gallardos, so the Huracan is on track to reach those numbers in half the time.

Lamborghini already predicts that the upcoming Urus crossover will yield even more demand than its mid-engined brethren. In the past few months, the brand has been strengthening and expanding its factories and dealership network to accommodate the expected success of its new crossover.

Besides its limited-edition hypercars, it seems that the supercar manufacturer is officially ready to abandon exclusivity in favor of a mass-produced, high-performance brand identity–– and we think that's a good thing. We can expect to see a lot more bulls on the road in the near future.