Tongue-in-Cheek Amazon Job Listing Suggests Jeremy Clarkson Being Temporarily Replaced

The Grand Tour hosts are dropping like flies.

Mark Robert Milan—GC Images

According to an Amazon job posting that seems to have been written with tongue planted firmly in cheek, The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson may be temporarily replaced due to his hospitalization from pneumonia. Earlier in the month, Jeremy Clarkson was diagnosed with pneumonia while on a family vacation in Majorca. He was wheelchair ridden and IV plugged. 

Clarkson is not the first Grand Tour host to go down for the count in recent months. If you remember back in June, fellow host Richard Hammond was hospitzalized due to a hillclimb crash in a Rimac Concept One electric supercar. Hammond's crash was part of The Grand Tour's filming, while Clarkson's health is just a case of bad luck. With the other hosts dropping like flies, James May should probably be very careful for the next few months.

The job posting makes clear reference to why the position is open: "Currently, this is a temporary position to cover an absence due to pneumonia."

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But before you go applying, be warned: One qualification is that any applicant must have at least 6.5 million followers on Twitter or another form of social media. Indeed, it seems Amazon wants to have a carbon copy of Clarkson replace him: 

  • "Please note: Preference will be given to especially tall candidates with curly hair."
  • "British English including advanced qualification in exaggeration and braggadocio."
  • The successful applicant will be required to wear vast amounts of pre-washed denim (attire provided in sizes that are slightly too small).